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What And Why Atomy

All About Atomy


Atomy Inc. was founded in 2009 in South Korea to distribute products that are produced by a joint venture by Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) and cosmetics company KolmarKorea. It is also the first research enterprise approved by Korea’s Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

Atomy pursues simple philosophy – selling quality products at affordable prices, and allowing its distributors to purchase the right amount at the right time. The company strives to achieve this by getting rid of distribution bubbles through direct member sales and minimizing the company’s operation expenses.
Last year, the global sales of HemoHIM, the #1 medically approved functional health food by the Korean FDA and Skincare 6 System reached 130 and 140 billion KRW respectively.

About KAERI (Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute) – Research and Development
  • Develops nuclear fusion and radiation fusion technology.
  • Korea’s first comprehensive science and technology research institute for the purpose of improving the quality of life for the general public.
  • Over the past 50 years, it has become the driving force behind Korea’s national economic growth and continues to promote strong economic growth by using nuclear energy as a major energy source.
  • Uses High energy laser technology which utilizes stable radio isotones for both medical use and the creation of special foods.
  • Dedicated to finding a wide range of uses for atomic energy.
  • Strengthens Korea’s industrial competitiveness through the transfer of advanced science and technology especially the Food Life Engineering Research Team that developed HemoHim, the #1 medically approved functional health food by the Korean FDA.
  • Its breakthrough research is being patented all over the world.
  • Consults with the US nuclear industry to help them. It is the forefront of all kind of technology development, and has a great reputation throughout the world.
  • It makes space food in Korea.
About Kolmar Korea – specializes in R&D & OEM Manufacturing.
Kolmar is headquartered in the USA and 8 other global locations.
  • They are equipped with 100 years of research and development.
  • They hold 20% of the market share for cosmetics, medicine, manufacturing and packaging.
  • They have their roots in the World Wild Kolmar group based on Kolmar Americas Inc. which was established in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1921.
  • To break it down, 65% of their activity serves the cosmetic sector, 30% pharmacy and 5% for dietary supplements. Over 20% of their total employees are Researchers!
  • Cosmetic and pharmaceutical products are their specialty.
  • Kolmar BNH(STB) was founded to produce goods which the Food Life Engineering Research team of KAERI (Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute)  researched and developed.


1. Products

Atomy’s slogan is Absolute Quality, Absolute Price. This means you are getting the highest quality products at the lowest price possible.
One of the reasons why Atomy products are of the highest quality is because they use fresh organic herbs that have been ultra-purified to remove any toxins. This ultra purification has been achieved by the researchers at KAERI and Kolmar Beauty and Health. Allowing them to use 500x more of the goodness of the fresh herbs.
The reason why Atomy products are better priced is because the goal of Atomy is to dominate the marketplace to where other companies can’t compete. Combine this with a generous referral program and you have something absolutely incredible.

2. There is no cost or risk to join Atomy

People refer others all the time for nothing when they recommend a store, product, service, restaurant, website and so on. But Atomy pays you to be their advertising. Last year alone Atomy paid out about $200 million to their members in commissions and bonuses.
There is nothing to lose and so much to gain by trying Atomy products:
  • No Registration Fees
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Website Usage Fees
  • No automatic reordering; No auto-ship
  • No minimum order quantities
  • You do not have to purchase products to join
  • You do not have to purchase products every month
  • You do not need to sell products
  • One member ID is valid across the world
  • To qualify for commissions for the year you only have to accumulate 10k Personal PV which is about RM100 in products.
  • The opportunity to make a good residual income over time.
Only 2 requirements:
  • Must be 18 or older to join
  • You only need to buy 1 item by next year to keep your membership active (This could be any items that valued for just RM38.)

3. Company Vision and Strength

The goal of Atomy is to be the worlds supplier of health care, skin care, personal care and home care items of absolute quality at absolute low prices.
Please see About Atomy.

4. Worldwide Market

Atomy is in USACambodiaCanadaJapanKoreaMexicoPhilippinesSingaporeTaiwan, and Malaysia. With new countries opening up each year. Once you’re a member of Atomy you can refer anyone in any of the opened countries and place them in your group under you.

5. From Consumer to Opportunity

Most people join Atomy because they heard about how good the products are from a friend or family member. Then after trying it they actually see and experience the results themselves and refer their friends and family members. Over time they find what they are personally buying is being paid for with the commissions they earn. Then a few people can become thousands in their group all potentially earning them a good residual income. To think this all started out from just trying a few inexpensive products like toothbrush, toothpaste and body wash that people normally buy at a local store.


Atomy’s vision is that the things people buy for their daily needs will be available through Atomy. The products are of the highest quality at the lowest possible price. Then in the process of sharing Atomy with those around the world a person can earn commissions and bonuses that can help them provide for their needs and possibly those of their family for generations to come.
There is no cost or investment needed in Atomy. There are no joining fees, no starter kit required, no auto ship or monthly purchase requirements and no website fees. You don’t even have to sell products. Simply join for free, buy products on the Atomy website and share with others.
Since established in 2009, Atomy has nearly 8 million distributors currently. Atomy has been actively expanding its overseas offices in Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines, Mexico and Malaysia. And this will be followed by opening of new offices in Indonesia, Vietnam, China, India, Thailand, Southeast Asia and South America.
Atomy’s overseas sales reached $1000 million USD last year with hundreds of millions in commissions, bonuses and rewards being paid out to the members.

How can you make money with Atomy?

With Atomy there is no selling involved. You can earn commissions, bonuses and are promoted as others you talk to join Atomy and buy and promote Atomy to others. Here are the ways you make money:
  • General Daily Commissions
  • Mastership and Masters’ Bonus
  • Mastership Promotions and Incentives (Products, Laptop, Travel, Cash, Cars, Office, Driver, Expense Account)
  • Open Education Center (6% of centers total PV)

You decide how fast you want to make money with Atomy

With Atomy you decide when and how fast you want to start earning money. The first step of course is getting your free Atomy membership id. 
Your style, desire, time and resources will be the biggest determining factor in how you start and grow your group.
Atomy is simple because you simply join Atomy and buy products for yourself and your family. Since you need to buy these types of daily consumable products anyway like toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, skin care and so on there really is no extra cost here. In fact you probably save money. By doing this you will accumulate PV (Point Value). As you go about your life you end up talking about the products.

Understanding the Atomy compensation plan (Daily Commissions)

Atomy has a very simple compensation plan. (See for details on Atomy’s website).



We believe that our strength is through the amount of training and support we provide each member who joins Atomy.
In order to get an Atomy membership, you’ll need a sponsor. We will provide you with your Atomy membership ID and BENEFITS:
  • Adding New Members under your line
  • Adding PV for you & your downline members
  • Access to our training materials and more
Atomy applies Binary plan where members are introduced into 2 legs format like a left and a right sub leg.
By joining us as Atomy member, you can easily get members/downlines via our website effortlessly. Placement is where the real magic takes place. The positions are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. The earlier you sign up with us, the more members/downlines we may recruit for you. Those who sign up later will be placed under you. Our website ( will help you to build the left leg.
Following is the image representation of how our system works.

U represents YOU. L1 submits his/her application form online later will be placed under U, following by L2. Such being the case, L2 will be put under L1.
You can use to easily share Atomy with your friends, in emails, on social media, to workmates, on flyers, on business cards, on social media.  Everywhere!



Thank you for your interest in joining Atomy! By joining Atomy, you can get access to products of the highest quality at the lowest prices. The benefits to joining Atomy include:
  • FREE membership
  • NO registration fees
  • NO monthly purchase obligations
  • NO purchases required to join
  • NO automatic reordering; NO auto-ship
  • One unique membership ID across the world
  • Access to member discounted prices on all Atomy products
  • Global logistical infrastructure support
  • High quality, technologically-advanced, natural and organic products
  • Opportunity to create your own business and an alternative source of income
All it takes to maintain membership at Atomy is to purchase one product of any value (eg, an 8-toothbrush set for only $9 USD) and your membership will be extended for 12 months. Even if you decide Atomy is not for you after you join, you can simply let your membership lapse and you lose nothing! There is absolutely no costs, no fees, and no purchase obligations to buy anything!
Atomy is currently in USACanadaKoreaSingaporeTaiwanJapanCambodiaPhilippinesMalaysia and Mexico
(Those in Australia, Brazil, Columbia, India and Russia can now also join as consumer members)


My mom is 88 years old and she was hospitalised for some asthma symptoms.. After discharged, she was taking Hemohim, her health improved a lot..even the doc also was surprised.



I had an unconscious habit of comparing my hair to that of others because I had so worried about my hair loss. Since I have been using Atomy herbal shampoo and herbal hair tonic, when I wash my hair I notice way less hair loss now. My hair has become less itchy and I feel it is now both thicker and stronger too.


Skin Care

had sores on my gums and the insides of my cheeks so often. Even oral ointment for my mouth sores did not work as I had put so much that I had resistance for those. Since I use Atomy propolis toothpaste with anti-bacterial toothbrush, I have had no more sores at all. Thank you Atomy!


Oral Care

I like most of the products because the resultant effect is better than the other brands I used previously both for application (eg, dish detergent, liquid detergent, fabric softener, etc). Interestingly fine products which I would definitely recommend.


Personal Care

Since I used the Atomy 6, my skin no longer feels tight, dry or uncomfortable. I highly recommend the Atomy evening care;you will love the fresh and soft feeling of your skin!


Hair Loss


It Is Free!!!

Felix Lee
Klang, Selangor Malaysia